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Shadows Pro 4

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Shadows Pro 4

Shadows Pro is a software package for the design of solar charts and astrolabes, developed by French amateur astronomer Franois Blateyron. With Shadows you can easily create a custom sunscreen for your location and then create it with scale imprint. Shadows are free at its base level. It is used by thousands of users worldwide. Discover the world of the sonnets on this site through educational sites and photo galleries.


Planispheric astrolabe, universal astrolabe

Vertically decreasing analgesic sunshine

Two-wire sun shades

Azimuth and contour line drawing on the sunscreen

Great moments, unequal hours

Song graphics (azimuth height) with horizon mask

Colored background outside solstice

Perform character design to DXF (AutoCAD)

Animation output in AVI

Tool for calculating sun parameters in a photograph

Efficiency diagram of a solar module

Flat polar with a polar style (horizontal, vertical, equatorial, polar, meridian)

Sunscale in scale 1, any size and orientation or slope

Compatible with anywhere on earth in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere (5100 locations installed)

Scale drawn style 1