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MS Paint free isn’t perfect, but we want everything to be the same

download the classic MS Paint Microsoft for nostalgic reasons? Good

to tell you that you will be a bit disappointed with the pixel and

drawing programs you always know and love with version of Windows 7.

The changes are not too big

but they are uncomfortable. Be careful! If you’re not comfortable, why not try our graphic design program like Photoscape or Gimp? For ((function {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); it is

good for Microsoft Paint? let’s start

with good news. The Windows Paint interface is cleaner and more modern. It is

more in line with the fine elements you usually use when using them

Windows 8 or Windows,

you will like it, it is still the same old fashioned program as you

he first met in childhood. You have a few more options for brushes and

shape, but nothing special. Once you get used to the updates

your interface will feel right at home. Remember all the classics

shortcuts, such as CTRL and + to increase the line size, and everything is still there


how bad

minor inconveniences, but more and more. For example, now anti-aliasing

automatically. This is good for occasional users, but veterans or graphic artists will do

feel limited by automatic softening. At the very least, it turns it off

Choice. If you also want to edit in 3D, you have to see Color;


It is slow for Paint to automatically select a similar object or object after it

it is signed. This is not very serious or dramatic, but a little bit more

make things right; Everything about


honest, honest. Every time we open MS Paint it is not necessary because we need it

the most advanced or complete drawing program. We opened it because we were bored

and because nothing is better than boredom

Just like now, you don’t want to download Windows Paint because you have to finish it

detailed graphic design. You want to download it because you missed it

and because you feel nostalgic. Like when you want to sign up with someone you are

it took them a while to see their voice before returning

so far.


Open Microsoft Paint again and let the warm nostalgia frustrate you.

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