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Playing with your PlayStation pad on PCDS3 Tools can connect PlayStation Sileteis or DualShock 3 controller to your Windows machine. It supports USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and allows up to four gamepad to connect.

Easy to set (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);});
Setting up your controller is easy. After starting the DS3 Tool, you must install the gamepad software to your PC (this is also the easiest way to control your controller with a Bluetooth connection), then press the Activate button to turn it on.
To test the active connection there is a Vibration Test button. Right click on this and you’ll see a vibration pad – confirm everything is a work order. After installation, you can use the controller in any game with the official Microsoft controller.

Design chaos
Unfortunately the interface of the DS3 Tool is not configured and instead swollen. And there’s nothing to put it together, you can understand that every time a developer thinks about something they want to add, they just put it without thinking about usability.
This leads to a lack of integration into the converter, making it difficult for users who lack technology to browse. Instead of complaining, DS3 Tools is a free program that fills a gap that is badly needed in the market.

The control program works with the cone controller
There may be technical problems, with some banner ads, but the DS3 Tool runs well and allows those who choose the PlayStation 3 feature to easily use it on their PC.