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Coolutils Total Outlook Converter Pro 5

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Coolutils Total Outlook Converter Pro 5

Total Outlook Converter Pro helps you convert Outlook emails to PDF, DOC, RTF, TKST, HTML and TIFF in a batch. While other email converters can process emails, they only do half the job of leaving attachments in their original format. Total Outlook Converter Pro goes a step further by converting emails as well as their attachments. Electronic disclosure and disputes

Convert Outlook emails to PDF in the most accurate way. Attach or embed attachments with the resulting PDF file. Search by email by sender, topic, date, or keyword. Our Outlook converter can also seal bats, add text watermarks (confidential), rename output files based on the number of bats.


If you think it’s time to move to another email application, Total Outlook Converter Pro exports the email to universal EML files or MBOX files that Apple has adopted.

Report table

Get all emails from a PST file converted to a single Excel file with general information such as date / time / to / from / body information. The report is then easy to load into the database or further analyze

Total Mail Converter Pro converts MSG and EML to PDF, DOC, TKST, HTML, HTMLX, TIFF, RTF documents and images (TIFF, JPEG). While other email converters only extract and save attachments in their original format, the Pro version is unique – it also converts attachments. For example, if you have an email with an attached document, Total Mail Converter Pro can convert both a message and an attachment to a PDF as part of a single operation. Attachments saved in DOC, TKST, RTF, PDF, HTML, KSLS and OpenOffice formats can be converted to DOC, RTF, TKST, HTML, HTMLX, JPEG, TIFF or PDF.

Applications can be included as clickable links in converted emails.

Multi-page formats allow you to combine multiple emails into one PDF, DOC or TIFF file.

Rename the source files using macros (name, date, sender, subject, etc.). Descriptivenames can also be given to attachments.

Discover how lawyers save hours with Total Mail Converter Pro.

Control what your document looks like by fine-tuning the display options of the output file; change fonts, colors, styles, etc. Additionally, you can choose to include any external CSS schema

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